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Arjun Rajesh
1/5/2010 07:04:30 am

Coolidge faced many challenges while in the presidency. One is that after the Teapot Dome scandal people highly distrusted the Harding team. I don't think anyone would plan to vote Harding for another term. I wouldn't. Then Harding died and Coolidge, his vice president, took over the presidency. People already had negative impressions on Harding so when Coolidge took over he was not popular. He had to face great levels of critisim from the general public. However he was also greatly respected. He was a favorite of president Ronald Reagan. He was very smart which gained him public admiration. The thing that really did it for Coolidge was he behaved in a controversial manner. He was very confident with himself. I think that a president should be more humble than he was.

Jessica Reed
1/5/2010 01:02:09 pm

I agree with what Arjun said about how Americans' distrust of Harding made it very difficult for Coolidge. Yet, there are other difficulties Calvin Coolidge had to face. First of all, Calvin Coolidge was very surprised when he received word that he would be the President of the United States. It was early in the morning, actually 2:30 am, on August 3, 1923 when Coolidge received a telegram that he was going to be President due to Harding's death. Coolidge never got to prepare for becoming the President, and it was a lot of pressure for him. He was prepared politically for he had been in politics for a while. On the other hand, he wasn’t prepared mentally for such a mind draining task of being the President. Another difficulty he faced was he had to maintain the prosperity that Harding had put in place. Even though Harding was well liked at the end of his presidency, before his death, his pro business policies proved to make America very prosperous. Entering the White House, Coolidge had a huge weight on his shoulders to continue the prosperity and economic success. A third difficulty President Coolidge faced was near the end of his term. This is when the Stock Market Crash occurred and the Great Depression started. As a result, Coolidge was blamed for America’s bad economy. In response to being blamed, Coolidge decided to not run for another term in fear it would affect his health, such as it did for Warren G. Harding. Coolidge faced various difficulties while in office, yet with his passive attitude and personal integrity Coolidge dealt with the hardships that came from being President. Personally, I think Calvin Coolidge made the best of his situation and dealt with the surprise of becoming the president very well.


Molly Buring
1/6/2010 07:47:24 am

I agree when both Jessie and Arjun said that it was hard for Coolidge becoming president because Harding died. It was because of the things people thought about Harding. They were taking their anger at the government and Harding out on Coolidge. But, he eventually "restored public government in the White House".

I also think another huge challenge was the fact that he wasn't really ready to be president. He didn't run himself for that role, he became vice president, which is obviously a much bigger deal that president. It takes a lot of mental training and preparing. He didn't have that because he wasn't prepared, and he was very surprised. Normally when you get surprised you aren't expecting something, so you aren't ready for it, just like Coolidge when he found out he was becoming president.

Arjun Rajesh
1/12/2010 09:08:03 am

I agree that Coolidge wasn't mentaly prepared to be called on as president. Considering this Coolidge did a reasonable job. He was very different from all of the other presidents. He is noted to be one of the most "negative and remote" presidents. That does not mean he was inefficient though. Like most Republicans he was a strong believer in free-enterprise. His policies were based around this idea and were sucessful. The stock market was beginning to fall during his term. There wasn't much he could do to stop it but he was still blamed. I don't think he deserves the blame, one president can only do so much.

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