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Arjun Rajesh
11/19/2009 06:19:48

These four historical figures had a lot in common making them ideal allies. Moussolini was the leader of Italy, Hitler was the leader of Germany, Stalin was the leader of Russia, and Tojo was the leader of Japan. They all were very very smart and were able to manipulate others. Therefore they were super powerful. For instance, the Japanese treated Tojo like he was superior to god himself. Moussolini was a very powerful leader whose wit granted him with a mighty army. Hitler swooped in when times were tough and became leader of Germany. Another thing common about these four was that nobody outside their country cared about them. The reason Hitler was able to convince Hideki Tojo and Benito Moussolini to support his cause was because they all led countries who the world wanted no involvement with. All four (especially Hitler and Moussolini) were strong believers of Totalitarianism. This is a form of government where one person makes all the decisons. Therefore anyone who opposed these four were jailed or killed.

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Jessica Reed
11/19/2009 11:46:31

The dictators during World War II had a few similarities. First, all of four dictators were in control for long periods of time despite their harsh control. This is because they all gained the positions they had by getting the support of the people. This is the second similarity they had. For instance, Adolf Hitler gained popularity by using propaganda. This is making false statements or exaggerating things to gain support. Furthermore, Benito Mussolini received the support of people by using patriotism. A third similarity all three dictators had is that they were put as the leaders of their countries only because their countries were in trouble. The First World War had ended and their countries were in turmoil. So, using their wits and qualities they took advantage of people in need and became the most remembered dictators in history.


Arjun Rajesh
11/20/2009 07:15:18

I think that these four were ver similar. I think that these four all have displayed such an urge for power. I think it was natural for Mousolini, Hitler, and Tojo to become allies. I would guess that these three would want power so badly that they would trust each other despite their crookedness. If I want something so badly I would probably trust a crook like Moussolini (it would have to be very badly).

5/23/2012 15:39:35

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