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Jessica Reed
10/22/2009 10:17:22

While reading To Kill a Mockingbird, I found a few interesting facts about the narrator, Scout Finch. First, I learned that Scout likes to learn, for she was eager to start school, and she is very bright. (This can be found on page 20.) With this determination to learn, she was able to read in the first grade. Next, she is a tomboy. For example, she likes hanging out with Jem and Dill and does all the things that they do. Another example is on page 105 when her Uncle Jack says she shouldn't curse and asks if she wants to grow up to become a lady. She replies by saying no. A final example is on page 69 when Scout is afraid to go to the Radley's house, and Jem tells her that Scout is acting like a girl. Consequently, she goes to the house anyway because she doesn't want to seem scared.

Arjun Rajesh
10/23/2009 05:15:22

You can deduct that many characteristics about Jean Louise (Scout) Finch. You can do this from reding just the first 8 chapters. I think that Scout always has a set of defiance. When Ms. Caroline tells Scout that she cannot read with her father, on page 42 she decides to do so anyway. She also is very confident not many young girls would have the courage to perform sneaky operations with his friend. Also she is a tomboy. On page 69 Jem tells her that she is becoming a girl. An ordinary girl would take that as a compliment but Scout takes it as an insult.

Molly Buring
10/23/2009 05:20:34

By reading the first few chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird, i learned that Scout really wants to be like Jem. She isn't afraid of anything, once she sees Jem doing it. One example is when she, Jem, and Dill go to the Radley House, Scout was afraid but then once Jem said she should do it because she was acting like a girl, Scout went ahead and did it. Also, she is a brave, daring little child. Like when she goes rolling down the hill in the tire, she was willing to do it at first, then when she got out, she realized that she could have killed herself if she stayed in any longer. Another thing about Scout is that she loves learning new things. Like before school, she and her dad, Atticus, read everyday. But when she went to school, in 1st grade, she was proud of herself for knowing how to read everything, until the teacher got mad at her. The teacher said for her to stop reading out of class because she was ahead of the rest of the class, and Scout was very upset by that.

Arjun Rajesh
11/21/2009 07:16:51

I think that Scout is a very smart young girl. I came to this conclusion because she learned how to read before she started going to school which was rare at the time. She is very brave. She tags along with Jem on his many dangerous adventures and she never backs down from a fight (even against much older children). I think that she is very curious because there are many things around her that she does not understand (such as Boo Radley) and she goes to extreme limits to find out what is going on.

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