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Molly Buring
2/23/2010 04:30:01 am

"Theodore Roosevelt coined the phrase 'Square Deal' to represent a fair bargain explaining all sides of an argument." The main thing of the square deal was to reduce "inequality"(the condition of being unequal). It was mainly for like businesses. He wanted to "protect the weak from the strong", the strong in this case would be like monopolies or cold-blooded employers). (He called it the SQUARE deal because all sides on a square are equal ad that is how he wanted it to be in business world) When the bigger companies tried to do what Roosevelt did with the square deal, solve the "labor problem", they used lawyers and advertising campaigns to help, but nothing worked for them. Roosevelt was true and selfless while trying to help, he didn't make up the deal for himself, he made it up for the people he was trying to help.


Molly Buring
2/23/2010 04:31:57 am

In my opinion I think the "square deal" was a great solution to solving the "labor problems". It was helping the weak businesses, or the "poor" against the stronger companies. The deal was to make all companies and businesses equal, it was to fix inequality".

Arjun Rajesh
2/23/2010 06:22:47 am

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States of America. He took over the president role after the assasination of President McKinley. Theodore Roosevelt created the square deal in order to reduce the many inequalities affecting our nation. He was trying to cut down monopolies. As we all know competiton is very important to our economic system and is beneficial. It is beneficial because it keeps jobs and satisfies consumers. There were many parts to this deal which helped Roosevelt achieve his goal. The Sherman Antitrust act cut down firms which encouraged monopolies. Instead they helped promote the firms which encoraged competition. I think that this is obviously the right thing to do. Cutting down monopolies is very important. One company which had a monopoly was the railroad company. Roosevelt helped destroy that monopoly. Roosevelt also protected businesses from trade unions and stopped the military from disparsing strikes. While it is dangerous to leave a strike unattended it is also dangerous to fire all those people because the company might collapse and a monopoly could form. Roosevelt passed many other acts which were fair to the American people. I think that the square deal really promoted equality in America. Giving small businesses a chance to expand without being destroyed by a monopoly is important because it can create many potential jobs. Overall I think the square deal was a big win for America.

Jessica Reed
2/23/2010 12:00:33 pm

President Roosevelt’s Square Deal was summarized as, “Somehow or other we shall have to work out methods of controlling the big corporations without paralyzing the energies of the business community..." Basically, Roosevelt wanted to make the competition in industries fair, yet without completely eliminating monopolies and trusts, or a group of companies that dominates an industry. He did not necessarily disagree with monopolies and trusts, but he just wanted the inequality that these businesses created to stop. Furthermore, Roosevelt wanted to not only help smaller businesses from corporations, but consumers from unfair business practices. These practices included unreasonable prices for items that have low value, and unsafe products. Alongside the president’s Square Deal, was the introduction of the Department of Labor and Commerce in 1903, the Meat Packing Act of 1906, and the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906. These were all created to keep consumers away from unsafe and exorbitantly priced products by regulating and inspecting businesses. In general, President Roosevelt’s Square Deal was about equality in the business industry.

Personally, I think that President Roosevelt was correct to create the Square Deal. He understood that corporations were taking away competition in industries, so he created something that would bring equality back in businesses. I also agree with how he went about creating equality. Instead of banning corporations, monopolies, and trusts, he decided that regulation was the best idea. Also, he had the consumer in mind when he created the Square Deal, which meant he really wanted the best for Americans. Therefore, I agree with his decisions.



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