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Arjun Rajesh
5/11/2010 10:13:53 am

Firstly Jackson was an incredibly popular president. He grew up in a very poor family unlike all of the other presidents who grew up in rich families. People then saw him as a common man who represented the people. Since most of the people were common people they obviously liked Jackson and felt that he could really help them if he were in office. When you are running for president it is very important to be popular. It also helps if your opponent is unpopular, and I think John Quincy Adams was unpopular. When Jackson ran against Adams in 1824, Jackson won the popular vote but Adams was still chosen to be president. This made Jackson supporters angry. They wanted to be revenged by having Jackson defeat Adams. So even before John Quincy Adams walked into the White House people hated him. To try to become popular Adams tried to use plans that would help America in general. Many of those plans were not successful which made John Quincy Adams even more unpopular. Also John Quincy Adams made some dirty hits against Jackson and his wife Rachel. He said that Rachel had married another man before Jackson and didn't diorce him before marrying Jackson which is bigamy. He also accused Jackson of cheating on his wife. These dirty hits angered Jackson and a great portion of the population. I think that John Quincy Adams really had no chance against Jackson because Jackson was way more popular.
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jiayi diao
5/12/2010 10:58:55 am

In 1824, the election did not go well for Jackson, he didn’t win the election. It was because he had a too strong competitor, so he didn’t win that year. In the year of 1828 he had 642,553 popular votes and 178 Electoral votes. Joho Quincy Adams had 500,897 votes and 83 electoral votes. He won the election of the year of 1828 was because
he was very popular at that time, so that really helped him a lot.

Molly Buring
5/13/2010 08:11:28 am

There were many factors that helped Jackson win the 1828 election. One is that the people already liked him for him. he grew up poor, unlike the past presidents who grew up rich. This made the people think of him as a common man, like Arjun said. So because everyone liked him and felt that they had more in common with him, he was a lot more popular, which is important for being president. But also, the election of 1828 started right after Jackson lost in 1824. Jackson won the popular vote, but did not win. The public decided that Jackson had to win in 1828 because they felt their decision was taken away from them because of a "corrupt and secret bargain". Another factor that helped Jackson, was the public believed the rumors and stuff along those lines about Adams that the Jacksonians told them. The public accused Adams of "being a privileged man who freely spent the people’s money". They said "he had purchased a billiards table and an expensive chess set for the White House". But also, the people supported Adams said those kinds of things about Jackson trying to make him sound bad. They said he married his wife Rachel before his last divorce was final. They also said that he blamed her death on the Adams campaign committee.

But in my opinion, I think Jackson was a great choice for president. I would have looked past all of the bad things he "did", or the things Adams made up or whatever, and looked at his true self. He had a great personality and was a great person.

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Jessica Reed
5/17/2010 09:27:33 am

Andrew Jackson won the election of 1828 because of several factors. One factor is that he allowed more people to vote, therefore those who were granted this right would want to vote for the person who gave them this new opportunity. Another factor that helped Jackson was his huge support from the common people. He was greatly supported because this group of people was not often helped or recognized. It was important to them that someone would care enough for their needs; therefore, they would do whatever in order to support that person. Furthermore, Andrew Jackson was not an aristocrat, which is a wealthy, upper class person. His humble beginnings appealed to many people who thought of him as their own, and not someone who they could hardly relate to. Lastly, Andrew Jackson’s involvement in the army earned him the name “Old Hickory” and the respect of many Americans. Overall, Andrew Jackson’s exciting and charitable life before his presidency is what granted him the position of being America’s seventh president.

I think that Andrew Jackson was the right president for the United States at the time. I say this because at the time, the United States was changing as a nation. As a result, the nation needed someone fresh to bring new ideas and perspective. I think Americans realized the need for someone new and that is why Jackson was elected. Before his presidency, the position had been filled with wealthy, Eastern aristocrats. When Jackson entered into office he represented a new part of the United States and a new perspective for the people.


2/18/2014 08:20:13 am

Jackson won in 1828 because he was more popular than adams . People don't like people who ain't popular my ss teacher told me that

Big Daddy
3/21/2017 06:32:55 pm

Jackson is kool

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4/6/2017 05:48:52 pm

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