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Arjun Rajesh
5/8/2010 07:08:41 am

Andrew Jackson changed many things about American Democracy during his presidency. When Jackson was running for president he was considered to be the people's president. He was born into a poor family and started as a very ordinary person. Unlike the other candidates, who had all been born into wealthy families. People didn't consider that now Jackson lived in a huge mansion and was a big slave owner. Therefore, Jackson felt that when he became president he would change democracy and give more power to the people of the United States. When he first ran against Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams, Jackson won the popular vote. However, John Quincy Adams became president. This made Jackson angry. So when he became president later, he wanted to get rid of the electoral college, so that the popular vote would decide the president and please the people. I think that Jackson was trying to please the middle class and poor people most of all. I think this because he got rid of the banks because he decided that they only make rich people richer and poor people poorer. This was a bad idea and eventually led to economic crisis. Under Jackson there was an increase in power for the common man, but there was still some unfairness. Native Americans, blacks, and women still didn't have any power. I think that the Jackson era was a turning point in American democracy.

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5/9/2010 05:56:02 am

There were many changes made during the year of Andrew Jackson's presidency. One thing is that he vetoed a lot of bills; more than any other past president. Also, he let more people be able to vote. You didn't have to own land or be rich to be able to vote anymore, except for women and African Americans. And during his presidency, they made a new political party now known as the "Democratic Party".

In my opinion, i think that all of the changes was probably goo for the United States. Like they had a different experience with things and it probably helped. Andrew Jackson definitely made United States history.


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jiayi diao
5/13/2010 12:55:37 am

Andrew Jackson made a lot change things about American Democracy during his presidency. He was poor when he was a child, childhood time really let him know what does the poor people feel like. So that he can make a lot change for them, he's go was to give more power to the people in United Sates.I think Jackson tried to make changes for the middle or lower class people than the rich people. Jackson also changed the voting system. He changed it into let all white men vote instead all the land owners, the really give much more people chance to speak in the government. Give much more power to the people. But Native Americans,African Americans, and women still didn't have any power, i think that is because the time is not ready for that yet, i think Andrew Jackson couldn't do much about that at the time of the history. But he had definitely made a change to the America history.

Jessica Reed
5/13/2010 10:51:41 am

Andrew Jackson changed American democracy greatly during his presidency. One of the most important changes that occurred that is still in use today is the Democratic Party. This party during Jackson’s presidency was made up of his supporters, otherwise known as the common people. Furthermore, Jackson introduced the spoils system, which is the action of filling government positions with your supporters in order to gain more power. Another thing Jackson changed was he expanded suffrage to more people. He did this by allowing not only property owners, but all white males to vote. This action was a start in giving voting rights to all Americans. Lastly, Jackson brought the idea of majority rules to government, which is still used today in government and everywhere else. Jackson’s eminent presidency created a new meaning of democracy that has changed the concept in America since then.

I think that Jackson’s presidency was very beneficial to the United States’ democracy. I say this because his changes have helped many people. For example, offering voting rights to all citizens and creating a party for common people. Jackson’s presidency did not only create many changes to American democracy, but a long lasting contribution to American history.

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9/4/2011 04:08:54 am

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Jackson changed the United States in many ways as a president. If we want to be particular, there is one main reason to how he changed democracy.

Before the Jacksonian Era, only white men who owned property could officially vote. Because Jackson was a 'common man', he knew that some people couldn't have property, so he changed the law so that all white males (and in some states all white males who were at least 21) could vote. Though women, Indians, and African Americans were left out of the picture, this new change in the democracy increased the amount of U.S voters

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