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Arjun Rajesh
04/20/2010 14:25

The civil war brought many losses to the civil war but it also brought a few gains. In my opinion the big one is that the slaves were finally freed. That is important and would never have happened if not for the civil war. Another thing that the civil war did was bring the nation together. That was important. Before the civil war started, things like John Brown's raid, Uncle Tom's cabin, and the Dred Scott decision created a lot of tension between the north and south. I think that the ending of the civil reunited America and that was very important. The third thing that was gained from the civil war was that the United States came back together and the north and south were no longer seperated. There were many bad things that came with the civil war. One was the loss of so many American lives. When one American army is fighting another it can only mean that there will be a greater number of American fatalities. Also after the civil war the southern economy was in trouble. The reason is that they depended so much on slaves that when they weren't allowed to use slaves any more their economy was in trouble. I think that they shouldn't have relied on such a dishonest method of profit and that way they wouldn't be having this problem. A big disadvantage is that after the war Abraham Lincoln was killed. Lincoln was a great president and because of that he was a major loss. His death could have been prevented if there was no civil war.


Jessica Reed
04/20/2010 20:51

Although the Civil War was only four years, there were many losses and many gains that came out of one of the toughest times in American history. First, let’s start with the losses. Due to the fact that it was a war, there were a lot of losses. Several thousands of boys and young men were killed living children, siblings, parents, and wives behind. Furthermore, along with the death of several men there was the death of one very important man, Abraham Lincoln. Likewise, the war not only caused destruction on the lives of the American people, but in the South. The South was economically and physically destroyed after the war. Crops and farmlands were burned and completely annihilated from the battles; therefore cash from the crops could not be earned. Towns and cities were also destroyed in the war’s wrath, leaving many people without homes and jobs. Since the Civil War caused so much destruction, it was considered one of the worst wars in American history.

Even though the amount of loss from the civil war was great, there was a lot gained. For example, the first income tax was created in 1861, and paper currency, called greenbacks, was also created. Similarly, industry increased and agriculture became outdated during the war, and a draft was created. Also, warfare improved because of the introduction of ironclads and rifles. Lastly, there were two final things that were gained during the Civil War that were probably the most important. First of all, the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 abolished slavery which was a huge gain for the North and the country as a whole. This is because for the first time the principles that the nation was built on, namely equality, were finally being carried out. The second thing that was gained from the war was that the United States was becoming more of a union rather than a group of states that could leave whenever they pleased. All in all, the civil war really changed the United States as a whole, both negatively and positively.

I think that in a way even though the war was over the nation disagreeing, in the end it brought the nation together even more. I believe that Abraham Lincoln was right to say that the war was a test to see if the nation could thrive on the principles that it was built on.

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jiayi diao
04/21/2010 19:09

I think the civil war had more loses than gains. I thought man's life is always higher than any thing else, the civil war took away more than all the wars that America had fought. The loses of men is the main lose. And then is the people, after the civil war southern economy would suffer for years.
A reunited country,
modern inventions,
the western migration
end to slavery,
Us becomes a more powerful country.
jiayi diao

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04/26/2010 17:56

There were many losses and gains for both the north and the south after and during the Civil War. One gain was a reunited country. Before the war, the north and the south hated each other and both had different opinions. But after the war, they both realized they are one nation and came together again. Another gain was the end of slavery. The South was all for slavery and the North was totally against it. They believed it was wrong to own someone. So when the war ended, I'm pretty sure all of slavery did as well. Also, with both the North and the South coming together again as one country, it made the United States a more powerful country. It made the country bigger, not physically bigger but mentally bigger, like powerful and stuff.
But some gains were that so much of the population of both and north and the south died. About 600,000 soldiers died on the battlefield. Plus, the soldiers who weren't killed, but injured, were probably crippled or majorly injured for life. Also, before and during the war, many farms, churches, homes, ad more were burnt down in the South, killing many and destroying marriage and birth for a lot.
Over all, there were several gains and losses in the Civil War.
My opinion is that all of the fighting and stuff eventually actually ended up bring the country closer.

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03/23/2011 01:17

There is no rose without a thorn.

03/28/2011 20:41

Adversity makes a man wise, not rich.

09/25/2012 20:05

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Joseph Aidan

09/26/2012 19:58

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